The Unfamiliar

I try to read as much as possible. Not always easy but good for personal development and growth.

One line captured my attention yesterday,

“There comes a time when you have to leave all that is familiar and go into the unknown with God.”

Making changes never comes easy in life and it often comes with a price of some kind.

In fact, it often means we travel through the unknown and leave behind what is comfortable and familiar.

This is where people get stuck!

If you suffer from a fear of uncertainty, understanding what fear is, and how it affects you, can start you on the road to conquering it.

Fear has been defined in several ways; however, the most basic definition of fear is an emotional response based on the fact that we're faced with something unfamiliar or impending danger.

Many people feel the world is asking them to be something they doubt they can be from time-to-time.

Start with these three strategies:

Recognize your fear, determine the underlying root of your fears, and face your fears.

Overcoming your fear of the unknown and unfamiliar is a difficult undertaking. However, if you take the time to engage in these three strategies, you'll discover a renewed peace and happiness within your heart!



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