Keep Extreme Pressure Under Control

How do you keep pressure under control?

I like to exercise, meditate, or go for a drive to relieve intense pressure.


Pressure comes in many forms.

Some of it can be beneficial, like the pressure that inspires you to perform well. But some pressure can be crippling, to the point where it’s so extreme that you no longer know how you can bear up under it. What can you do when the pressure is so intense that you don’t know what to do?

1. Remember the phrase, ‘Not my monkeys, not my circus.’ Not all pressure is yours to bear. It could be some of it can be delegated to someone else. Or perhaps it was never your responsibility in the first place. Examine the causes of pressure. Are there things you can remove? Are there things that you're holding onto that were never yours? Then let go of what you can.

2. Create a support system. Having people you can talk to is crucial in handling intense pressure. But you need a network made up of a variety of people including:

· Friends

· Relatives

· Co-workers

· Mentors

· Sometimes even professionals in the form of therapists or counselors

The important thing to remember is that all of these are relationships you need to cultivate, especially in times of low pressure. After all, you can’t expect people to be there for you when you haven’t been there for them.

3. Renew yourself physically. Extreme stress is going to eat away at your resources, leaving you exhausted mentally and physically. That’s why it’s so important to take care of yourself so that you’re strong enough to rise to the challenge when you need to. This care comes in many forms.

· Eating correctly. Putting healthy things into your body provides the energy you need.

· Exercise. Positive body motion not only builds strength and muscle but also affects your brain chemistry in positive ways. It adds dopamine and endorphins to an overloaded system, therefore taking the stress off.

· Adequate sleep. You’ll be needing 7-9 hours a day of sleep to leave you feeling restored and ready to go.

4. Renew yourself mentally. Indulge in a hobby or other restful pastime. Or schedule in some ‘me time’ for a massage or a fun night out with friends. These mental health breaks help keep the pressure in perspective so that it doesn’t overtake your life.

5. Become more Zen. By not letting things get to you, you can look at a situation clearly, and make decisions that will help you to move forward. Allow the pressure to flow over you, but do not take it into yourself or define yourself by it.

Extreme pressure doesn’t have to rule your life. Using strategic thinking will help to keep you focused and on track, without letting the pressure rule your life or worse, overwhelming you completely.



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