Yesterday, Jill (my wife) and I met with my son’s guidance counselor to discuss the big graduation plan for his junior and senior year.

No big deal, parents everyday go through this process. As I’m sure is the case with most sophomore kids, including myself back in the day, my son is not clear what direction he wants to go in his adult life. I’m certainly not worried about this but as a curious parent who wants to help his child, I asked the natural question, “Are there tools and resources to help him in this discovery?”

You would think someone who counsels, teaches, mentors and leads students that may not know what they want to do with their life would have some answers at the ready? Right? Wrong! As a coach, a father, a mentor, a confidant etc. etc., I will admit to sometimes not knowing the answer to a question I’m asked by a client. My response has always been, “I don’t know the answer but let me research it and I’ll get back to you.”

In the situation with my son, it will be ok because as a parent we’ll work it out together. As a coach and consultant, the same is true. From time to time your business gets off track, your life feels like you’re treading water, and sometimes you just don’t know the answer. It’s ok that you don’t but more importantly is how you seek out solutions to those challenges.

Reaching out for help, when you don’t have the answers can actually enrich your life. A couple of quick tips:

1. All of us are entitled to ask for help. Sometimes each of us needs a bit of assistance to solve a challenge we’re dealing with. When you ask for help, you acknowledge your humanity.

2. Asking is an effective method of problem-solving. Sometimes, issue resolution and relief are just a phone call or conversation away.

3. Connect with others. The person who helps you will gain a better understanding of you and your current situation. Knowing that someone you care about truly understand you can feel incredibly reassuring.

Asking for assistance also lets friends know they can ask you for help later on and enriches your relationships. Go ahead and reach out the next time you need help! I’m only a phone call away!



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