Don't Get Stuck

Yesterday, I had to take my car into a tire place because it didn’t seem to be holding air.

Sure, enough they found a small screw in the tire.

By small, I mean it couldn’t have been more than a quarter inch long.

Just enough to cause an annoying little leak.

Do you ever feel like something small causes you to leak air?

Are you waiting for the right moment to do what you want?

Do you find you always need approval from others?

Do you need to always be perfect?

Are you too stubborn to let go of things?

Do you spend too long worrying about outcomes?

Fortunately, tires do

n’t have feelings, so a quick patch and some fresh air and I’m back on the road.

Not so easy for you and me. However, making a conscious shift to stop letting fear prevent you from doing the things you want to do can help.

Recognize that you are both imperfect and enough.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

Do the thing you’re afraid.

Get up and go do something.

A small little leak can either be allowed to annoy someone or you can be full to roll down the road.



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