Dealing with Extreme Pressure

If you ask me, it feels like there is constant pressure in some area of my life at all times.

Sound familiar to you?

Are you feeling pressured?

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t sometimes. Pressure comes in two forms, the kind that’s external (like your boss pressuring you to have that project done by tomorrow even though

he or she just assigned it today) and internally when we pressure ourselves to meet some personal goal.

While we can’t always control the pressure that we’re under, we can control our reaction to it. Even when pressure is extreme, there are four steps that you can take to help you keep your sanity as you get through it.

1. What're your triggers? By knowing the cause of the pressure you’re under, you’re better able to deal with it. Typically, we have three types of triggers:

· Repeat offenders. These are things that come up again and again, like having to make that rent payment each month when money is tight.

· Problems that crop up once in a blue moon. These come around rarely and are much harder to predict.

· Pressure that is ongoing – the kind that doesn’t let up. Examples here might be an ongoing problem with someone at work or dealing with a chronic illness.

Once you’ve identified the trigger, then you can make a game plan to figure a way to ease the pressure, which we’ll look at in more detail next.

2. Fix what you can. Once you’ve gotten the triggers nailed down, it’s time to implement some strategies to address the problems. For example, suppose you’re feeling pressured by your mother, who wants you to marry and provide her with grandchildren. The solution is to think about what you want to say to her, in advance of spending time with her. Half your success is down to having a plan in place for when that trigger hits.

3. How does your day look? When you can’t address the triggers themselves, then find the things you can control. That then helps you to stand up better under the pressure that is outside of your control. While it seems a small thing to put limits on your schedule or to put some ‘me’ time on your calendar, it helps more than you think.

4. Let it go. Some pressure you’re just not going to be able to predict or control. When this happens, all you can do is accept that you have to let go of some things.

You don’t have to allow yourself to be stressed out by extreme pressure. By following these four steps you’ll not only be able to deal with the pressure, but you’ll be better able to contend with pressure the next time it comes around.



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