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Don’t Get Stuck


As men, we are almost always driven by more, but more can sometimes get in our way.

If you really had to stop and understand where you’re currently at in life, would you pause to do it?

We are all striving for more with what feels like less time.

We all want to achieve and be successful.

But how?

How do we achieve the productivity with balance we are looking for in order to get the next level of success?

For starters it’s important to identify what’s working in your life.  What success and outcomes have meaning and are equating to wins in your life?

The hard work starts in identifying what’s not working in your life and what is limiting the positive outcomes you’re looking for.

By identifying your limitations, the opportunity to improve in those areas increases dramatically and might even turn a weakness into a strength.

In addition, you will gain powerful new insight and ideas that can help you grow and develop.

Think about these six areas of your life:

Mental & Educational

Physical & Health

Social & Cultural

Spiritual & Ethical

Family & Home

Financial & Career

On a scale from 0-10 rate yourself in each area of life. 

If your low, why?

Is it time to hit the pause button?  Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror?