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Appreciate Me


You’ve heard the expression that a little can go a long way, and there’s no exception when it comes to showing your appreciation.

As I write this, I’m sitting at a car dealership having my car serviced this morning.

As the service technician is taking my information and learning about what I would like to have done, a sales person burst in and throws his business card, a pen, and a sticky pad down on the desk and says, “call me if you need something.”

This kind of behavior makes my skin crawl and really doesn’t say much about customer appreciation. 

Like most people, I like to think I matter when I’m a guest in someone’s business.  I like to feel appreciated.

What I really wanted to do to this salesperson was offer some career assistants because making people feel appreciated really comes from a place of gratitude.  I of course took the high road!

While a grand gesture of appreciation is always nice, they have a time and place, simple gestures are habits that you can add to your everyday routine.

Try the following simple gestures to express your gratitude:

-If you think of a compliment, give the compliment

-Go out of your way to help somebody

-Develop your listening skills (Take your face out of your damn phone)

-Always say “Thank You”

Come to think of it, I sure appreciate that sales guy for inspiring this message!  Appreciate today because you never know about tomorrow!