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Agree to Win in 2018


Do you have an agreed-upon blueprint for success with your managers and teams? If you do, does it stick or sit on the shelf? You may be asking, “What did he just say”? A common challenge for leaders is their ability to be clearly understood and cascade their plan and blueprint for success throughout the organization.

I’ve had many leaders tell me that communication is a problem in their organization and I often ask them if they feel they are being understood? Are the organization’s goals and objectives known and do people clearly understand the roles they play in achieving organizational success?

To understand how easy it is to suffer defeat if you’re not being understood, look no further than the 2017 NCAA tournament. The Northwestern Wildcats and the Vanderbilt Commodores met in the opening round of the NCAA tournament, where Vanderbilt lost thanks to a heart-breaking foul. With seconds to go in the game, Vanderbilt’s Matthew Fisher-Davis inexplicably fouled Northwestern’s Bryant McIntosh on purpose, despite his team holding the lead, sending an 86 percent free throw shooter to the line

Fisher-Davis said he lost track of the score, leading him to commit the foul. It’s possible he was confused when his head coach, Bryce Drew, pointed at the ball handler. It wasn’t a signal to foul him, but in the heat of the moment, perhaps Fisher-Davis took it as that. After the game Drew admitted, “It could have been a miscommunication”.

Don’t let this happen to your managers, teams, and organizations!

The focus of my consulting practice is to help business owners and executives be understood and communicate more effectively by cascading their values, mission, and goals throughout their organization so they can win together on a daily basis. One way I do this is by using a simple planning tool, the One Page Business PlanTM. When people agree to work toward goal attainment within the context of their blueprint and business plans accountability and discipline are created that can help teams go to the next level.

Organizations and business leaders are now taking action to prepare for 2018! Are you preparing for your next big win? What will your organization achieve in 2018? Now is the time to gain agreement with managers and teams in your workplace!

Are you committed to winning in 2018? Let’s get clear, precise, and prepared together! Schedule a complimentary coaching session with Mike Van Pelt at 864-266-2058 or