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3 Ways Strategic Business Planning Will Define Your Company’s Fate in 2018


A business plan is a blueprint for running the business. It clarifies your ideas and defines your long-term objectives – i.e., everything your company wants to achieve in the upcoming years. It is the job of the business plan to provide guidance to workers as well as a series of standards to check your growth against to achieve the best results.

Without a game plan, there is no proper manifestation of ideology and the company has very little chance of success. In simple words, a strategic business plan is vital for your organization because if it is not in place, neither you nor your employees will know what the best way to achieve your goals is.

This post will give you top three reasons why every company no matter how small or big, how progressive or startup it may be, needs a strategic business plan in the year 2018.

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1. Mapping out the Future

What is the primary aim of a business plan? To let you and everyone on board know exactly what the company wants to achieve. This means mentioning everything that needs to be done from now until 3-5 years down the road.

The business plan will specify what the mission for the current year is, what strategies will be used to accomplish that task and what future endeavors will be made a part of the present game plan.

This means that the business plan will be very clear-cut about how the company aims to move forward to accomplish tasks it sets for itself. From the boss to the most junior team member, all will be an integral part of the company and will be able to relate to what the business plan has in store for implementation. The best part is, a business plan allows for a sense of unity and integrity among all those who belong to the company as it will enable them to feel one with each other and the organization they work for. Hence, this improves loyalty and dedication towards the achievement of like-minded objectives.

2. Setting Up Milestones and Realistic Goals

As mentioned earlier, the core idea of having a business plan is to know what direction the company plans to move in and this will only be possible through the setting up of milestones and goals. What needs to be remembered at all times is that goals, as well as benchmarks, should be attainable.

If the ideas are too far-reaching or overly complicated, then no one would be interested or dedicated enough to turn them into reality.

From innovation to financial planning, marketing to sales, everything is a part of the strategic business plan. One more thing that has to be remembered is that milestones and goals are significant achievements. In other words, they are worthy accomplishments.

3. Tracking Progress and Remaining Up-to-Date

It is essential that no matter what kind of business you may have and how long you may have been running it, it should stay current with the needs of the market and clients. Say for example, if you don’t have a website, then in this world of technological advancement, your business will fail. Therefore, you need to read up on market trends and customer requirements and update the business plan accordingly.

The business plan should be constructed after a survey of the target market so that your business understands what it is that customers seek. Only then will real success be achieved. What’s more, there will also be the need for proper maintenance and tracking of how things work out, what needs improvements, new things that should be added and older ones that can be omitted from the current running of the business setup.

All these will ensure the organization is always up-to-date and is keeping up with the changing trends of clients. Never forget, if you are behind, your customers will not even take a minute to change boats! There are after all too many competitors waiting to grab the opportunities you miss out on.

What comes to mind is this, precisely what kind of business plan does your organization need in 2018? The answer is a plan that is actionable and easy to comprehend.

One-Page Business Plan

A one-page business plan, as the name suggests, is short and to the point. It allows comprehensive ideas to be collected together and understood without any difficulty. Nobody these days has the time or the energy to read paragraph after paragraph of complicated ideas. With one-page business plans, you can be sure that everyone in the company knows precisely the targets for the current year and what needs to be done to implement them.

One page business plans are simple – from reading to understanding and from there to actual execution. This kind of strategic business plan helps in getting tasks done and achieve a tangible success within a short span of time.

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